David Mitchell

David Mitchell began his career as a fashion photographer in the 1980′s, and worked with prestigious fashion houses in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok shooting for prestigious fashion labels and magazines including Christian Dior, Vogue, and Elle and commercial clients including Mercedes-Benz, Sony, and Ericsson. In the early 2000′s, Mitchell turned his focus towards the art world and began incorporating colour in his photography due to frequent requests by private collectors. Since 2010, collections have been comprised primarily of non-objective images defined by the inventive play of lines, planes, and colour, forming unspecific patterns. Ephemeral assemblages are chronicled through the lens; however it is the photographic print that is the subject itself and thus – “the art”. The conventional notion that photography is about representation is/has been rejected in favour of pure non-objectivity. Mitchell has Left Temporal Lobe Epilepsy causing him to experience auras – a type of seizure associated with LTLE – which induce heightened abstract emotions, prolonged déjà vu experiences, and intensify the ongoing sense of familiar connections and altered perceptions.

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