our story

In 2015, Captured52 set forth to redefine the value of photography as contemporary art. The vision was unique—to challenge the status quo by releasing a single, open edition image from each of 52 invited photographers, over 52 weeks—printed, framed and shipped at the best price.

We had to start with one photographer who believed in the vision, and then another, and another until we had 52 photographers each Season. After five Seasons, 260 original photographs from 217 photographers in 47 countries, our evolution continues.

Today, Central & Grand provides us the opportunity to better convey our focus on large scale, framed photography and improve your overall experience with fresh ideas and images, expanded collections, collector and designer profiles, and possibilities for diptychs, triptychs or gallery walls.

We move forward with gratitude to our photographers and customers and will continue to deliver at the highest levels of quality, value and personalized service, to collectors, designers and architects worldwide—looking for something different.

Central & Grand team - Aleks


Master Printer

The ultimate perfectionist. Aleks is a technical master when it comes to printing and nothing escapes his critical eye. One time he printed a 60” x 80” image five times to get it right. A native Chilean, he’s got a penchant for fine wine, fast cars and real estate. But nothing quite beats being a new parent with his wife Kristina. That’s Elio.

Central & Grand team - Aleks


PR Guru

Wordsmith and lifelong passport puller-outer. Ali’s been chased by a water buffalo in Pushkar, rafted around a landslide in Nepal, and swam amongst hammerheads off Genovesa Island. Excitement right up there with getting our work on the pages of the world’s leading publications! She’s also a damn good runner.

Central & Grand team - Bree



Stylist, director and afternoon meanderer. When it’s time to create photographs that involve pretty dresses and warm swimming pools—watch out, because that’s what really gets her fired up. A true artist, Bree has collaborated with a host of performing artists, including bellydancers and contortionists, and can sometimes be found in front of the camera as well.

Central & Grand team - Carter


Production Lead

Multitasker with an eye for detail. Carter designed and built 2 computers, his first one when he was 16. He spent 6 months studying in Spain and bought his first house when he was 24. Before you know it, he’ll be building a real estate empire! When he’s not honing his skills on Escape from Tarkov or Apex Legends, he’s overseeing every little detail that makes our work so special.

Central & Grand team - Miles


Graphic Designer

Raised in the mountains, rooted in street culture. Miles skis backwards better than most ski forward. Whether he’s on his skis, skateboard, motocross bike or surfboard, his passion for the outdoors and sports culture informs his creative process—as designer and craftsman. He’s floated the Kongakut River to the Arctic Ocean and was the youngest person to heli-ski at CMH.

Central & Grand team - Peter


Founder & Managing Director

Embraces new ideas with contagious enthusiasm. A collector since his days at CU Boulder, he surrounds himself with art. Whenever possible, he’s skiing with his kids, fly fishing, whacking the tennis ball or hiking in the forest with his wife and German Shepherd. He leads a group of civic leaders reimagining the future of his beloved city of Portland. He’s a World Mogul Skiing Champion and was recognized by the US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame as a Pioneer of Freestyle Skiing.